Retirement Plans

Offer the Assurance of FDIC Insured Deposits

Since their inception in the early 1980s, insured deposit sweep programs continue to gain increased adoption across many wealth managers, including trusts and retirement plans.

By utilizing our Deposit Management System® (DMS) TBS ensures that all balances are optimally allocated and fully FDIC-insured at all times. TBS Bank Monitor® risk assessment platform ensures that only banks that meet the highest standards of safety and soundness are included in the program. The FDIC has never failed to reimburse depositors’ money in the event of a bank failure and TBS has never experienced the failure of a program bank.

Insured Deposit Program

Offer fiduciary advisors and their clients the opportunity to obtain FDIC insurance.

  • Safety of principal
  • Same-day liquidity without the risk of NAV volatility
  • No redemption gates and fees
  • Net yields that have consistently outperformed Gov’t & Treasury funds
  • Extensive partnership network featuring leading record keeping platforms and the ability to trade via the NSCC
  • Additional income stream

Fit-for-Purpose Technology

Total Bank Solutions has decades of experience serving the needs of retirement plans, combining deep industry experience with superior business processes and advanced technology to create flexible client solutions. From program setup and implementation to daily reports and account reconciliation, we can do it all.

Our solutions offer extensive back-office systems integration, standardized reporting and data exchange capabilities along with robust risk management.

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