Community Banks

Technology to Help Your Bank Efficiently Compete and Grow

We realize that Community Banks are exploring opportunities to diversify their deposit base through sizable, stable and committed funding opportunities at attractive fixed/floating terms, besides seeking better regulatory treatment of capital through reciprocal arrangements with other banks.

In addition, Community Banks are discovering the potential of securities-based lending as an opportunity to extend the value they offer clients and grow this segment of their business.

To maximize profit opportunities Community Banks can deploy a funding strategy that leverages cost effective FDIC-insured deposits to fund securities-based loans.

Gain a stable, sizable and cost-effective source of funding with our Insured Deposit Program

Get connected with an affiliate broker dealer and their clientele via our Loan Management System

Insured Deposit Program

Gain a stable and predictable base of deposits, at attractive funding levels from sources seeking to provide extended FDIC insurance for their clients.

  • Balance sheet management through reciprocal arrangements with other participating banks
  • Potential for term funding
  • Transparent pricing structure

Loan Management System

Leverage an automated, configurable and integrated securities-based lending platform.

  • Originate, underwrite and monitor loans made to your own clients using their securities portfolios as collateral

Fit-for-Purpose Technology

Total Bank Solutions has decades of experience serving the needs of Community Banks, combining deep industry experience with superior business processes and technology to enhance their offerings to provide differentiating value to clients, gain efficiency, and drive growth. From program setup and implementation to daily reports and account reconciliation, we can do it all.

Our solutions offer flexible program design, extensive back-office systems integration, standardized reporting and data exchange capabilities along with robust risk management.

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