Insured Deposit Program

Offer Cash Investors Safety, Liquidity and Competitive Rates

Since their inception nearly 40 years ago, Insured Deposit Programs have been used as the sweep vehicle of choice for financial institutions.

Our deposit management system was designed to provide cash sweep investors the benefit of extended FDIC insurance and provide banks a diversified source of stable and predictable funding.

Deposit Management Solutions for Wealth Managers

The TBS Insured Deposit Program offers customers extended FDIC insurance and same-day liquidity without the risk of NAV volatility or the potential for liquidity fees or redemption gates. The TBS IDP has consistently outperformed Government and US Treasury money market funds.

Pay 100% of the rate to customers (Fiduciary Assets) and maximize the revenue earned from cash balances, with greater flexibility over money market funds.

  • Send deposits to multiple counterparties
  • Flexible program design
  • Extensive partnership network with leading trust platforms, retirement record keepers & other third-party providers (e.g. debit card providers)
  • Customized revenue sharing/fee arrangements
  • Standardized reporting
  • Back-office systems integration capabilities
  • Data exchange capabilities
  • Robust risk management

Deposit Management Solutions for Banks

The Insured Deposit Program (IDP) provides banks with a diversified source of stable and predictable base of deposits at a level that they determine. Regardless of how many programs from which a bank is taking deposits, our Insured Deposit Program acts as the single point of contact.

Multiple pricing methodologies are available including fixed or floating rate structures with various terms so that banks have the opportunity to design a structure that best meets their funding needs.

  • Participate in multiple programs at desired funding levels
  • Establish reciprocal relationships with other participating banks
  • Potential for term funding
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Streamlined reconciliation process
  • Standardized reporting
  • Robust risk management

Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Evaluate the safety and soundness of every FDIC-insured institution by pairing IDP with TBS’ Bank Monitor® service. Bank Monitor provides enterprise-grade financial statement analysis and risk surveillance, compliance testing, and investment research.

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