Insured Deposit Program for Deposit Institutions

Create a stable deposit base for your bank without changing your operations

Community Banks, Regional Banks and G-SIBs (Global Systemically Important Banks) can gain a stable, sizable and cost-effective source of deposit funding.

Through the Insured Deposit Program (IDP) from Total Bank Solutions (TBS), your institution receives a stable and predictable base of deposits at a level you determine, and at an indexed cost from sources seeking to provide extended FDIC insurance for their clients.

And at TBS, we use traditional allocation methodologies such as a sequential “waterfall,” or an innovative non-discretionary distance-to-target algorithm that allocates funds and maintains the balances set by you, regardless of the size of your bank or when you came on board. We have a proven track record of ensuring an equitable allocation of deposits across all banks, thereby ensuring predictability and stability.


Why our FDIC Insured Program?

Watch this video to see the importance of participating in our bank sweep program.

Right Sized Solution

The TBS Insured Deposit Program is specifically tuned to meet the unique needs of:


Community Banks


Regional Banks



How It Works

Our deposit management solutions are built upon strategic partnerships with strong financial institutions, proven proprietary processes and flexible pricing.

The TBS IDP allows you to participate in multiple programs, thereby providing your institution with greater diversification and stable funding. In addition, these stable, non-interest-sensitive deposits do not require service transaction support by your institution.

Participating institutions receive real-time access to DMS Navigator – our proprietary deposit management dashboard– so you can get the information you need, anytime.

Program Advantages

Participation in the TBS Insured Deposit Program provides the following benefits:

Simple to Manage

TBS is your single point of contact – whether you have multiple accounts or just one – so you’ll always know who to call whenever you have a question or want to check on the status of any account.

Integrated Seamlessly

Our experienced team works with you to manage it all – from set up and implementation to daily emails and account reconciliation.

Fully Compliant

All AML, KYC, Patriot Act and OFAC documentation is provided by the source institutions via TBS. TBS also provides program banks with a comprehensive vendor risk profile, including an annual SOC1 audit report.

Flexible Program Design

We’ll build a customized program to meet your organization’s specific needs based on your determined target balance for deposits and the source of funds.

Tailored Pricing

With multiple benchmark options, fixed and floating rate structures and tenors ranging from overnight through 5 years, you can design a contract structure that best suits your funding requirements.

Additional Tools

TBS Bank Monitor

Check on your organization’s interests with TBS’ Bank Monitor tool – the most comprehensive bank surveillance and analysis available.



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TBS in the Media

Total Bank Solutions’ Kevin Bannerton appeared on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss the company’s deposit management system and how it can work for can work for deposit institutions.


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