Insured Deposit Program for Financial Intermediaries

The easy way for financial intermediaries to offer clients FDIC insured deposits


You understand the importance of offering an FDIC insured bank sweep as part of your portfolio, but you may not have the bank relationships and technology such a program requires.

Enter Total Bank Solutions (TBS). Our Insured Deposit Program is built on a proprietary process and our growing network of stable deposit banks, it integrates directly with your current accounting platform, and it operates much like a money fund sweep program.

This makes it easy to provide the safety of extended FDIC insurance coverage, same day liquidity and competitive rates on cash investments that your clients seek.

We like to call it the FDIC-insured deposit superhighway.


Why our FDIC Insured Program?

Watch this video to see the importance of participating in our bank sweep program.

How It Works

The TBS Insured Deposit Program offers extended insurance and competitive yields in one profitable solution, with no minimum investment required.

We’ll deposit your client’s funds into an insured money market account with competitive interest rates, ensuring solid returns and same-day liquidity. The funds are then allocated via our proprietary deposit management system throughout our network of over 100 qualified and well-capitalized banks to provide the extended FDIC insurance your clients need.

DMS Navigator, our proprietary deposit management dashboard tool, offers your institution real-time access and control. Prefer not to manage it yourself? Our knowledgeable team can quickly make adjustments for you and is only a phone call away.

Program Advantages

Participation in the TBS Insured Deposit Program provides the following benefits:

Simple to Manage

TBS is your single point of contact so you’ll always know who to call whenever you have a question or want to check on the status of any account.

Extended FDIC Insurance

With TBS’ proprietary technology and large network of deposit taking banks, you can customize how much insurance each of your customers receive.

Flexible Products

Our Insured Deposit Program was designed to accommodate all account types.

Enhanced Returns

Enjoy greater income opportunities for you and your clients.

Daily Liquidity

Your customers have immediate access to their cash, with same day settlement.

Additional Tools

TBS Bank Monitor

Check on your organization’s interests with TBS’ Bank Monitor tool – the most comprehensive bank surveillance and analysis available.



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TBS in the Media

Kevin Bannerton appeared on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss how the TBS deposit management system can benefit financial intermediaries.


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