Market Update July 2021

TBS’s IDP is a cash sweep service providing wealth management firms with extended FDIC insurance, daily liquidity, and highly competitive yields on behalf of their clients. Participating banks are able to enjoy a stable, diversified, and cost-effective source of deposit...
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Market Update May 2021

Even as market dynamics impacting banks’ capacity to onboard additional deposits remain a challenge and the interest rate environment has put downward pressure on pricing, the TBS Insured Deposit Program (IDP) continues to offer a competitive pricing advantage over money...
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The Time is Now for Insured Deposit Programs

A Proven Solution during Uncertain Times When faced with uncertainty, investors seek investment options that prioritize principal protection and access to liquidity. Insured Deposit Programs (IDP) offer financial intermediaries and their clients the opportunity to obtain extended FDIC insurance and...
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An Update Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus

At TBS, We Are Taking Every Precaution Over the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed a significant increase in volatility across financial markets in response to the COVID-19/ nCoV/ Coronavirus crisis. As nations react, implementing a range of policies...
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