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We provide administrative and recordkeeping services to participating banks and other financial institutions (“participating institution”) for various sweep and other program. The Demand Deposit Marketplace(r) (DDM(r)) program is administered by Stable Custody Group II LLC and is used principally by banks and other savings institutions. The Reich & Tang Insured Deposits (RTID(r)) program is administered by Reich & Tang Deposit Solutions and the TBS Insured Deposit Program (“IDP”) is administered by Total Financial Solutions, LLC, and both RTID and IDP are used principally by broker-dealers and/or other financial institutions that place customer funds awaiting investment with a network of participating banks. Our services, with respect to each program we administer, are provided subject to the terms and conditions of our written agreements that we enter into with the participating institution. We are not a depository, bank or credit union and the sweep and other programs we administer are NOT, themselves, FDIC-insured or NCUSIF-insured products. Rather, under the programs we administer, funds are swept or placed in accounts at receiving institutions that are FDIC and/or NCUSIF insured, subject to program limits. Below are links to the lists of banks and savings associations with which we have a business relationship for the placement of deposits under each of the programs we administer and into which a participating institution may place deposits under the program (“our bank list”).

Under each of these programs, a participating institution may, in turn, offer the program to its customers.  As each participating institution is unique, each participating institutions’ program and bank list will be unique to that institution and its bank list may represent a sub-set of, and vary from, our bank list published below.  Differences between our bank list and a participating institution’s bank list can occur for several reasons, including but not limited to features of the program such as the level of FDIC insurance offered by the participating institution to its customers, the decision by a participating institution to ‘opt-out’ of, and not include, a bank from our bank list in the program that it offers to its customers, customer account types and design elements such as the overall program size and minimum eligibility criteria.  Customers of participating institutions should contact their participating institution to obtain the list of banks and savings associations with which their participating institution has a business relationship for the placement of deposits under their program and into which that participating institution may place the customer’s deposits.

DDM Bank List

RTID Bank List

IDP Bank List