TBS Bank Monitor

Leading provider in risk reporting.

The most comprehensive bank surveillance and analysis available.

Total Bank Solutions is dedicated to making the banking industry transparent. As such, we provide the only comprehensive surveillance and analysis service that can meet the diverse requirements of those interested in evaluating the safety and soundness of all US registered banking institutions. We provide you with unlimited access to all the ratings, data, reports and analytics you need.

Our Bank Monitor service has proven to be an invaluable tool for a wide range of practitioners and has been the exclusive provider to the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2009.

Who We Help

Bank Executives

Corporate Treasurers

Community Bankers

Credit Union Officers

Corporate Treasurers

Municipal Treasurers

Government Regulators

State & Local Regulators

Compliance Officers

M&A Specialists

Research Analysts

Portfolio Managers

Investment Advisors

Credit/Risk Departments

Bank Vendors/Counterparties

Individual Depositors

Service Advantages

TBS “Shadow CAMELS” Ratings

Using US regulatory approach, Shadow CAMELS back-tested with 90% accuracy.

Breadth of Coverage

7,600+ FDIC institutions
4,500+ Bank Holding Companies
6,100+ NCUA Credit Unions
International Banks

Peer Reporting

Advanced Scenario Stress Analytics

Asset & Liability Mixture Assessment

Raw Data Downloads for FDIC, Fed & NCUA

Excel Desktop Export

Multi-Period Reports

Customized Reports

Bank Monitor Summary Video

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