Insured Deposit Program for Deposit Institutions

Build Your Deposit Base. Enhance Profitability.

Create a stable deposit base for your bank without changing your operations.

Through the Insured Deposit Program (IDP) from Total Bank Solutions (TBS), your institution receives a stable base of long-term deposits – at a level you determine – and an indexed cost from sources looking to provide the extended FDIC insurance that individuals, municipalities and corporations seek.

Our experience shows that more than 90% of balances acquired via our program are proven long-term deposits.

Program Advantages

Our proprietary deposit management system provides an adaptable, flexible program for deposit acquisition that is:


While our program rates are comparable to other wholesale funding options, there are no marketing or account maintenance costs, collateral or membership fees.

Integrated Seamlessly

Our experienced team works with you to manage it all – from  set up and implementation to daily emails and account reconciliation. 

Diverse Deposit Base

You’ll receive balances from across the country and across market segments from a variety of sources – individuals, municipalities and corporations – to create a diverse deposit base for your institution. 

Fully Compliant

Compliance information that bank regulators and the FDIC require  – including CIP, AML, tax reporting and statement processing – is handled by the source institutions. 


You determine the target balance for deposits and the source of funds. Our proprietary web-based platform allows you to keep track of balances and activity.

Simple to Manage

TBSis your single point of contact – whether you have multiple accounts or just one – so you’ll always know who to call whenever you have a question or want to check on the status of any accounts. 

How It Works


Put our innovative solution for creating stable and diversified deposits to work for your bank – and the bottom line.

TBS’ Insured Deposit Program offers National, Regional and Community Banks a cost-effective source of deposit funding. Our proprietary deposit management solutions are built upon strategic partnerships with strong financial institutions, proven proprietary processes and flexible pricing. The resulting program generates revenue by allowing the financial intermediary to insure the deposits of all clients – regardless of account type – without tying up their own capital and by creating a stable, diverse and cost-effective deposit base for a growing network of member banks.

You also get real-time access with DMS Navigator – our proprietary deposit management dashboard tool that provides you with the information you need, anytime.

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