Insured Deposit Program for Financial Intermediaries

An Innovative Solution Whose Time Has Come

A bank deposit cash sweep solution for the trust and wealth management industry.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your ability to find financial solutions that meet your clients’ needs – and build your bottom line – is crucial to your success. One such solution is the Insured Deposit Program from Total Bank Solutions (TBS).

Built upon our strategic partnerships with leading global financial institutions, proven proprietary processes and growing network of stable deposit banks, this innovative solution enables you to easily and profitably provide the extended FDIC insurance coverage that individuals, municipalities and corporations seek.

To learn more, read our recent article published by the American Bankers Association.

Program Advantages

Participation in the TBS Insured Deposit Program provides the following benefits:

Extended FDIC Insurance

With TBS, you can customize how much insurance your customers receive.

Daily Liquidity

Your customers have immediate access to their cash, with same day settlement.


Opportunity for greater coordination for intermediaries with an affiliated bank.

Enhanced Returns

Enjoy greater income opportunities for you and your clients.

Proven Solution

TBS’s Insured Deposit Program is a proven solution to money market reform.

Flexible Products

Our Insured Deposit Program was designed to accommodate all account types.

Simple, Proven, Profitable

Extended insurance and competitive yields in one profitable solution.

With the Insured Deposit Program, your client’s cash is deposited into an insured money market account offering a competitive interest rate – and the extended FDIC insurance your client needs – for solid returns and even greater peace of mind.

Leveraging our proprietary deposit management system, the funds are allocated throughout the TBS deposit network of more than 100 well-capitalized, qualified banks.

There is no minimum investment required and our Insured Deposit Program makes it easy for you to offer the extended insurance coverage to meet your clients’ needs – and impact your bottom line.

You also get real-time access with DMS Navigator – our proprietary deposit management dashboard tool that provides you with the information you need, anytime.

IDP Program Summary Video

Watch our video to gain a high-level understanding of our Insured Deposit Program and why it’s necessary.

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